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“High quality, live, organic foods, correct water, and earth based frequencies creates core strength, immunity and a proper foundation upon which specific supplementation can now be built. Permanent health is possible by doing simple organic things with a couple high tech additions as needed.”

And we have all you need! Its simple with just a few very high quality products and simple life style changes. Subscribe to get our free eBooks that will empower and train you to help protect you and others around you from the chronic disease and ailments that especially plague our drug oriented western society.

Human Healthy Alert: After concluding 7 years of research and direct experience with electrolyzed reduced hydrogen water (ERHW), we have jumped on board with what we are now calling the best most powerful source of correct water on the planet; Kangen Water.

Below is our new Kangen K8 and we love it! This beautiful machine is the Ferrari of the ERHW world. Available with 8 easy to change languages, a power supply that works globally, and 8 big solid, medical grade, titanium plates double dipped in platinum with 230 watts of power that produces the highest level of molecular hydrogen in solution of any device on the market.

With enhanced cellular hydration, detoxification, oxygenation, anti-oxidation, we are calling it the “Global Solution to Human Health.”

You can finance this beauty that will provide you and your family a cheap “life assurance” policy for years to come for as little as no down and $55/mo with no interest for 12 months. See more under the “Kangen Water” tab. a kangen 8 2015

In addition, we finally found another incredible device that is a “full body battery recharger!” Please review the information under PEMF and email us or call if you have questions.


Dr. Naina MD Beverly Hills interviews Aaron Dodson PE

See more about this subject under PEMF main menue.

 The Diet: You will notice that there are only three products and two devices on this site for sale. That is because we know that for 80% of the population with less than perfect health, their health can be dramatically improved with just 2 of the 4 products shown. We also believe that if those 80% would do nothing more than drink Kangen hydrogen rich water, and/or replace just one meal per day with one of the Organic Food Bars shown, and/or if they took just one dose of the Active Greens Powder or Capsules, they would begin to experience the ultimate in human health; we call it PERMANENT health. How do we know this? Because we have done it…

Welcome to Organic Food Supply Company! Where you will find “Radically Good Food and Supplements at Radically Low Delivered Online Prices.” After 10 years of living the very simple diet above, we just don’t get sick anymore! And if we do, it is short lived symptoms that usually go away within a day or so. We haven’t been to a doctor in 15 years and don’t even carry health insurance anymore. We spend our hard earned money on natural alternatives.

We do not necessarily recommend this to you, but its what we do. Supplements are expensive and come and go, but one thing we have been doing religiously since 1998, is taking the Active Greens whole food supplement daily and an Organic Food Bar for either Breakfast or Lunch (and sometimes both on a busy day), several years ago and we just stopped getting sick.

We added drinking the (alkaline ionized) organic water several years ago and at 30, 40, 50, 60 and up to 83 years old, we are at an unheard of level of health in the US and drug free. We first began experiencing this level of Permanent health over 10 years ago and that is why, more than ever, today we are believers in these great things. We have come to realize that permanent health is possible by simply getting a full spectrum of all the live nutrients found in a diverse menu of very high quality raw and “enzymatically living,” organically grown super foods with an emphasis on alkalizing and pH balance.

THE KEY IS DAILY USE – Permanent Health Lesson #1: Things that happen to you, both good and bad, are the things you do on a daily basis. Its better to exercise 5 minutes per day, every day, then think you have to go 20 minutes to an hour and end up only exercising 2 or 3 times a week, or never! Think: DO IT DAILY. Your body needs oxygen enhanced, organically grown and raw, whole living green foods and correct water daily. Not weekly or monthly, but daily.

The water really makes the greatest difference because we drink volumes of water compared to other things we take into our bodies. And it wouldn’t be so bad if much of the water available for us to drink wasn’t completely wrong! Dead wrong! And now after 10 years of extensive study and research into raw, organic whole food nutrition as it relates to human health, we now agree with many health care professionals; that getting the RIGHT food and water in your body is the most important thing to do FIRST in human health.

Why? Because good health and the ability of your body to resist disease is, more than anything else, an INTERNAL ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE. We worry about the environment of the earth and for good reason, but all the time, the environment within our own bodies is overly acidic, full of toxins, and is oxygen and nutritionally deficient, making them a thriving ground for cancer and all kinds of chronic disease and ailments.

For athletes, over acidification from wrong food, water, and yes, even taking low quality, non food based supplements from big marketed company sponsorship’s, means nutritional deficiency and a buildup of lactic acid which causes fatigue and soreness in even top athletes. This can actually keep top professional competitors from performing their best and winning. Have you ever experienced lactic burn while running, biking, climbing, swimming, snowboarding or skiing?

You will be amazed at how alkaline food and ionized water will practically eliminate this. If you are currently eating commercially grown produce and too much non organic processed (fast) food or foods containing preservatives and drinking distilled, reverse osmosis, or purified water from your home system or from a bottle, please stop now!

These forms of food and water will eventually kill you by leaving your body nutritionally deficient, overly acidic, dehydrated and a thriving ground for disease. You must have some organic whole food daily. Reverse osmosis and distilled water is good for external use, but is highly acidic in the body.

That is why we focus on just a few very high quality organic food and water sources. We know times are economically depressed and there is less and less time and money to find and prepare the best organic food and water. So we have done the research and assembled what we feel is the simplest and best solution to maintaining proper nutrition and hydration on-the-go and crumb free!

For example, we have selected the finest fast organic food on the market in an easy to use crumb free form; Organic Food Bar-Protein and Organic Food Bar-Active Greens along with Organic Active Greens daily whole food supplement in powder or capsules, are the ultimate in getting the natural raw and organic food sources, loaded with natural vitamins, trace minerals, probiotics (friendly bacteria) and enzymes that are missing in the US commercially grown food supply.

Just one serving of the Organic Active Greens (powder or capsules) and an OFB Protein bar daily, will help maintain a strong immune system and restore health and vitality, giving you the most important and vital possession in life. We call it “permanent health!” We now have a way to get the healthiest organic (yes organic) water in your home. Click on the “Organic Water” tab above for more information.

You can also “Subscribe Now” to receive periodic updates on this and many more simple and effective ways to help you to achieve and maintain your permanent health! The race for the cure? We don’t have to race for the cure. We have always had it in fresh organic food and fresh running spring water. But you can’t put it in a bottle and you can’t deplete and poison the soil and food supply and water as America has done.

To learn more, purchase online at guaranteed lowest prices, or to partner with us, please subscribe to our updates and we will keep you informed of the best, most cost effect and simplest ways to help you to maintain your permanent health and help you and those you care about to avoid catastrophic disease and chronic ailments, allowing you to live a longer, healthier life! To Your Permanent Health! Staff Organic Food Supply Company Inc.

Questions? Call customer service 800-310-4153 from 8 am to 5 pm M-F or leave a voice message after hours. Please leave your name, a detailed question or order with phone # and we will get back to you with an answer asap! You can also email us at All Organic Food Bars have a one year (12 month) shelf life. Refrigeration is not required but keeps bars fresher longer. All Organic Food Bars are nitrogen purged for extended freshness! Keep a few boxes for your emergency food supply plan and ask about automatic recurring orders to keep your stock fresh and rotated with daily usage reorders. Returns of suspected defective products will be handled on a case by case basis as follows; customer agrees to return any suspected defective product at customer’s expense for review by A refund including original shipping charges will be given on products found to be defective. Return products found not to be defective will incur a 20% restocking charge less original shipping charges or returned to customer at no additional charge. Copyright © 2013 Organic Food Supply Company Inc. All rights reserved. Write OFSC Inc. Po Box 6271 Laguna Niguel, CA 92607. Organic Food Supply Company is not affiliated with Organic Food Bar Inc. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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