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alkaline water is not enough

Organic food and alkaline water are vital to human health, but there’s more.Water

It’s not enough to be alkaline. The water must also be charged and possess a “negative ORP” as found in nature. You are a 100 trillion cell, 70% water body aquarium. The water you are drinking is the most important aspect of human health by far. We assign it a 70% importance factor. All the food and expensive supplements you are taking are only 30% important.

Also, the alkaline water being sold in the stores that claim pH 9.5 may have been at the manufacturing, but the charge is long gone by the time you get it home. You need your own economical personal hydration device at home to assure mountain fresh ionized water quality. Click the “Organic Water” tab above to learn more.


It’s not enough to be organic. You and your family need a blast of everything missing in the commercially grown US food supply, including; enzymes, probiotics, trace minerals and natural vitamins. Everyone needs a little raw organic daily.

At OFSC we have selected all our products to be just that. We call it enzymatically living, whole food with a full spectrum of every nutrient found in nature and vital to human health.

Click on the “Products” tab above to learn how you can get these incredible products delivered to your door at the guaranteed lowest delivered prices on the internet.

We are here to help you achieve Permanent health. We believe this is possible with proper knowledge, correct food and water, and just a few other very organic things! To see more, just click on one of the tabs above.

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