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Welcome To The Cancer Dream Team

“Know What To Say, Say What You Know when the time comes.”

We are building a dream team of people from all disciplines and professions who want to help with the #1 environment assault on the human body: Cancer. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Ever know a loved one or friend who has gotten a diagnosis of cancer? Most don’t know what to say to another.

Well, we have good news. We know what to say. We don’t say “Oh I am so sorry,” no, we say, “Cancer? we have good news! We have a ‘solution’ that may help.”

You can help get anyone with cancer, including yourself on a good path NOW by giving this one minute advise below. But first, you need to understand, as they do, what you are telling them. The information presented below is designed to do just that, along with our free eBooks.

a kangen ph chart funnySo, if you or someone you know gets the otherwise shocking news “you have cancer” (or any of the chronic ailments listed in the photo above), you will be equipped to take action NOW and develop a confidence that is needed to overcome the typical fear that grips most at a time like this, a fear that also enhances the cancer environment in the body.

No experience needed. Healthy people wanted.

After 15 years of intensive study of hundreds of alternative methods, watching many, and noting reports and testimonies, this is what we know:

  1. Cancer thrives in a specific cellular environment.
  2. Cancer is not a disease until you make it one.
  3. We want to help change the environment cancer thrives in.
  4. We focus on helping to surround “dark cells” with super-hydrated, detoxified and oxygen rich cells, loaded with antioxidants.
  5. We do not interfere with a person’s treatment choices.
  6. We simply pass on the simplicity of what we know.
  7. The body can heal itself given proper intake and changing of the cancer supporting environment.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to get the word out on how the environment that supports cancer and all chronic ailments (regardless of origin), can help to be reversed with special water, dietary change, and a few other simple lifestyle changes.

If you would like to join us in our quest for getting this message out to more and more, please respond and additional information will be given. Here is a sample of what you will find in our EZ eBooks:


a kangen ebook ph chart shot 4-2015


Here is a simple yet powerful ‘solution’ that will help with cancer and all chronic ailments: advanced cellular hydration-detoxification-oxygenation-anti-oxidation.

This can only be done with water but cannot be done with regular water.* In fact, regular water does not properly absorb and therefore dehydrates, holds toxins, oxidizes, and is therefore adding to the problem.

The 70% Solution. Electrolyzed Reduced Water ERW (-ORP) is the primary solution to help reverse the environment of cancer and many other chronic ailments that plague especially the US due to professional base lack of understanding and suppressive drug treatment protocol dominance.

The photo below shows a cancerous colon both before and after addition of Kangen water to daily diet as administered by world renowned Dr. Hiromi Shinya, a pioneer in the development of the colonoscopy.


In the same way, the diet and changes we propose herein will help change the environment and surround the dehydrated dark, acidic, toxic, and anaerobic (oxygen deficient) cells with super hydrated, detoxified and oxygen rich cells of light, to produce an environment that is hostile to cancer in the body, as the entire body approaches a healthy and balanced state of homeostasis.

There is more, but you just got a 70% solution with ERW alone. We recommend Kangen Water 9.5 as the #1 single best “solution. Why? because you are a 75 trillion cell, 70% “water body aquarium,” and the environment that supports advancement of cancer is held in that environment that can be changed.

Below is the world famous Kangen Leveluk SD-501, an approved medical device and used in Japanese hospitals for over 40 years.

a Kangen Leveluk SD 501 2015

*Regular (non-electrolyzed, non-ionized) water will not work as effectively. Regular water, even so called “alkaline water” (+ORP) is a “mild gasoline” on the cancer fire, just as refined sugar, dairy, meat, and cooking are strong gasoline’s on the cancer fire and all chronic ailments. Best to hydrate with powerful water. We only recommend water from the Kangen SD-501 or other high range Kangen units with at least 230 watts of power input that creates strong antioxidant (-ORP) water.

Warning: If you are drinking distilled or water purified by reverse osmosis STOP now.

We have tried the other ionizers for several years and have concluded that we don’t want to settle for less at a time of illness or give your family less on a daily basis. If needed, you can finance the SD-501 for as little as $0 down and $44/month for the first 12 months at 0% interest (in year 2 the payment will go up some depending on interest rate and first year pay down, but not over about $70-$110/month). Click the SD-501 image above to learn more by watching the short video and requesting the free water eBook. This is the same unit approved and used extensively in Japan and Japanese hospitals for over 40 years. The machine makes a variety of different waters so you can get rid of all toxic and expensive cleaning solutions and run your home on water! Click on “Usage” after you click on the image above to see more and play with the control panel simulator.

Here’s the other 30% which involves food: eliminate sugar, dairy, meat, cooking as much as possible, even fruit. It’s not forever!  Juice with fresh raw organic vegetables, avocado and other vegan protein, and carrot juice for desert (request the alkaline-acid food and beverage chart).

We primarily monitor urine pH to determine the effectiveness of the environmental change. We recommend a diet induced urine pH be held at between 7.0 to 8.0 pH for 30 days.


Now you know enough to make a positive difference in the outcome of anyone with a health issue. But to join us and learn more including how to get the best ERW in your home or wherever needed, all you have to do is request the free eBooks.

Here is the final addition to the simple solution: cellular hydration-detoxification-oxygenation-anti-oxidation-nutrification.

This is part of the 30% importance factor (so take care of the 70% first), then we recommend full spectrum, raw and organic, enzymatically living, super food nutrition with Organic Active Greens powder or capsules.

powcappWe are not doctors (though many agree and much of our research is study based) and therefore can make no medical claims.* However we believe the body can heal itself, given a proper cellular environment to stop cancers, and other chronic ailments (regardless of origin), much like putting out a fire with water.

That’s it, and its always been that easy is why cancer hardly existed prior to 1900 and the industrial revolution. Now you have all you need to make the change in yourself and tell others.

Do you have it? Did you have it? Do you know someone with it now? Time to take action with the proper solution. The rest is up to you.

CLICK HERE to request the water eBook and the additional Cancer Cleanse and Alkaline Acid Food and Beverage Chart will be sent. Or simply email us at and include your full name and we will do the rest. That’s it! You are now a Dream Team member and your ID# will be sent to you along with the other information. This will give you access to special offers and new information as we continue to grow and learn together. We also welcome any input, comments or testimonies you may have.

Please contact us any time as needed if you have any questions or just want to talk. Leave a voice message at 800-310-4153 or email and someone will respond shortly. We are located on the west coast, PST.

We are here to help restore and maintain human health on the planet and we are here for you. Thank you for joining us and becoming a member of the Dream Team.

Together, and with the help of many others who are like minded, we can help change the course of human health on the planet, and especially in the US.

God bless,

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