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Human Healthy Update: “ORP” and Why It Is Vital To Understand

a pHD Countertop image - "ORP" Oxygen Reduction Potential

Human Healthy Update. What is -ORP?

Yes, admittedly, this update is too long and complex (yet simple and very organic), but it is also too important to ignore. If you have iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy IV or later, highlight the text from your phone and select “speak.” Then sit back and listen to the most incredible and important words you will ever hear about the water we drink. Or just read it the old fashion way if you prefer.

We now have the device (see above) that will correct your tap water for the lowest price on the market, just $399 while supplies last (compare to up to $4000 for Kangen water systems).  After you review this information click on the tab “Organic Water??.” No more expensive plastic water. You can’t bottle this stuff for more than a couple days (something the industry needs to learn). Why? Because this water, as found in Nature, is only charged for several hours after it is made. You can’t bottle it and let it sit around. You must take it fresh from the running source and get it in your body now. That’s why we all need this device in our home or office. And as you will see, it’s a matter of life and death as our water and the rate of chronic disease and cancers sky rocket. This is your pH Salvation in a dark and fallen world that is getting worse, not better.

Ten years ago when we discovered the difference between healthy water and unhealthy water (all water we drink today is unhealthy with few exceptions); we said to ourselves ORP will become the next hot health term like “antioxidant” in the health world. But it hasn’t…yet.

We may still be a good five years out in the future writing “back to the future” on this topic. And yet Japan knows this topic well as does just a hand full of us in this country. Japan uses this water in their hospitals, it is made in an approved medical device and Japan has the #1 health care system in the world.

And sorry to say that some of the heath industry icons that we admire like Dr. This and Dr. That, still don’t get it. But they will in time because it is the truth of how water is found in nature and therefore it is in all respect and by any definition “organic” water.

By far, the #1 most important thing to do FIRST in human health is to drink water with a proper (negative) ORP. That’s right; “negative ORP” just became the most important acronym in your (physical) life.

Why? Because all the money and or loved ones in the world are nothing compared to your health. What good is anything and what can you be to anyone if you do not have your own health?

And there is nothing that impacts your health more than (believe it or not) the volumes of fluids you drink and as you will soon learn, if you don’t already know, how the ORP of the fluids you drink so affects your health. Unfortunately, 90% of you reading this, and even many of you in the heath industry, don’t have a clue what ORP is and how you and your patients and clients have been severely damaging your bodies for years with the wrong ORP water and other beverages.

In fact, we will venture to say; if you didn’t know what ORP was, you are a candidate for cancer and many other chronic disease and ailments, not matter how healthy you may think you are.

Or maybe you are already a victim of the medical industry and it’s goons who do nothing but focus on big pharma drugs and expensive treatments that only suppress symptoms and are ignorant of, and do nothing to treat the true underlying causation of all “disease,” let alone attempt to prevent them.

But the good news is this; you don’t have to be in the dark anymore. We are here to shout the truth of human health from the mountain top loud and clear so all can know and understand the simplicity of achieving and maintaining what we have and we call it PERMANENT HEALTH.

Again, admittedly, it is a little complicated and yet the final conclusion is simply this: you must drink water with a negative ORP (period)!

Below is the best description we have found on ORP from AlkaViva, the US distribution company for the water machines we all have from the largest and oldest company on the planet making water ionizers, EMCO Tech. So Enjoy! And contact us with any questions you may have on how to get a machine that makes the only water that you, your family, and friends should drink. We can get up to $500 off on an Athena that retails for $2295. Yes they are expensive on a first cost basis but they have a life warranty and pay back quickly considering the water you are paying too much for is slowly killing you and the free water you are drinking is quickly killing you.

The Basics of pH / ORP Alteration of Water
Ionization alters water in two significant and measurable ways: pH and ORP. These alterations make ionized water different from all other kinds of water.

The term pH refers to “potential hydrogen” and is a measurement that indicates the level of hydrogen in a substance. It is measured by the pH scale. Proper body pH is a critically important factor in good health.

The other way an ionizer alters the water is in “ORP.” This stands for “Oxidation Reduction Potential” (also referred to as “Redox” – it’s the same thing). Most leading water researchers from Asia agree that in ionized water the elevated pH is good, but that ORP is more important. Alteration to the ORP is what causes the micro clustering, antioxidant super hydration and oxygenating effects.

The term ORP refers to “Oxidation Reduction Potential” (also referred to as “Redox”). Most leading water researchers agree that while elevated pH is good and important to health, ORP is even more important. Alteration to the OPR is what causes the micro clustering, antioxidant and oxygenating effects in ionized water.

In electrical terms, potential energy can be measured and the term “potential,” when describing ORP, refers to electrical potential as expressed in millivolts. This potential is measured in water using an ORP meter which detects the very slight voltage in water. In actuality, this is a measure of the presence of oxidizing or reducing agents by their specific electrical charge, thus termed Oxidation Reduction “Potential”. High pH water has more “reducing” agents (-ORP) and low pH water has more oxidizing agents (+ORP).

Oxidation is what turns an apple brown after it is cut or causes metal to rust. Rust weakens metal and signifies the deterioration of the apple. The process of oxidation “steals” electrons from the surface being oxidized. The oxidizing potential of a substance can be expressed in +ORP and measures the concentration of OH+ ions or oxidizing agents.
A “reducing” agent is simply something that inhibits or slows the process of oxidation. The reducing agent does this by “donating” an electron. When we measure a something’s oxidation reduction potential, it is expressed in terms of – ORP and measures the concentration of OH- ions or reducing agents. In its most basic form a reducing agent is an “antioxidant” ~ reducing oxidation.

The ORP of most tap water in the USA is between +200 to +600mv and thus is an oxidizing agent. High pH ionized water demonstrates a -ORP and thus is a reducing agent or “antioxidant”. Most bottled waters are very acidic (low pH) and also have higher ORPs (over +400mv).

Types/Brands of Water Tested for pH and -ORP. Results may vary depending on testing conditions.

Brand or Type****** Source or Features********pH (below 7 is acid)/ORP (positive value is an oxidative solution, negative value is an antioxidant solution):

Aqua Diva Italy natural mineral water from artesian well pH/ORP: 5.78/+611
Aquafina Filtered municipal water pH/ORP 5.96/+431
Llanllyr UK organic spring water pH/ORP 4.75/+447
Pellegrino Italy sparkling natural mineral water pH/ORP ?/+392
Perrier Processed water with minerals France pH/ORP 5.28/+478
Propel Fitness Processed water with minerals pH/ORP 3.37/+305
Absopure Spring water, ozonated, ultraviolet 7.48/+455
Acqua Panna Italy Spring Water 8.2/+523
Aqua Hydrate Utah purified water with minerals added 7.96/ +358
Arrowhead Spring USA Spring Water 6.83/+359
Badoit St. Galmier, France Natural sparkling water from 1,550 foot fissure 6.00/+426
Barrute municipal water, Quebec First place 2002 International Water Tasting Awards 7.79/+483
Blue Moon Processed filtered tap water 6.65/+365
Brecon Carreg Nottingham, England, spring water 7.42/+391
Buxton Artesian water from 4,500 feet underground 7.42/+400
Calistoga Mayacmas Polomar mountains spring water, CA 6.93/+404
Canadian Mountain Melted glacier 7.96/+364
Chateldon France, a natural spring mineral water 6.58/+358
Cloud Juice Tasmanian rainwater, Australia 7.58/+367
Crystal Geyser Mount Whitney, CA, spring water 6.93/+404
Coumayeur Mont Blanc (in the Alps) 8.02/+410
Dannon Natural spring water 7.84/+546
Dasani Purified tap water 7.2/+378
Deer Park, Maryland Spring water 6.31/+644
Deja Blue, USA Purified tap water 6.28/+434
Emco Tech Micro-clustered, ionized water adjustable to pH 11.00/ ORP -850 (negative)
Eon Natural springs, Mt. Shasta Ice Pack Water and R.O. Water 6.84/+578
Essentia Micro-clustered Water 8.57/+58
Evermore Artesian water 9.23/-57
Evian, France Spring water 7.53/+390
Ferrarelle, Italy Natural spring water 6.1/+428
Fiji Water, Fiji Spring water 6.65/+406
Fonyodi Budapest, Hungary Natural spring water 6.8/+450
Hawaiian Islands Filtered Spring Water 5.36/+618
Hawaii Water Reverse Osmosis spring water 6.38/+386
Ice Age Ozonated glacier water 7.39/+378
Iceberg Water, Newfoundland Melted icebeg water 8.31/+326
Lairosia Italy Melted snow water 6.87/+398
Lissa Italy Natural spring water 6.96/+398
Nariwa Japan Spring water from magnetic mountain 7.30/+303
Natural Value Spring water 7.54/+381
New York City Water Tap water 6.81/+440
Palm Beach Municipal Tap water 8.13/+515
Penta Micro-ionized 6.7/+789
Poland Spring Spring water 6.31/+390
Scottish National Mineral water 7.36/+408
SmartWater Distilled with added minerals6.97/+368
Spa Water, France Spring water 6.23/+418
Thames River, London Spring water 7.42/+405
Treewater Picken, Virginia Reverse Osmosis 7.65/+453
Trinity Geothermal water 9.55/+316
Tynant Bethania, Wales Natural mineral water 7.30/+385
Vittnel Vosges, France Spring water 7.98/+402
Volvic Natural Volcanic mineral water 7.07/+407
Voss Norway Artesian water 6.67/+357
Waiwera, New Zealand Artesian water 7.87/+356
Whistler Ozonated glacier water 7.18/+419
Zephyrhills Spring water 7.57/+362

Understanding the crucial variables in Performance
pH and ORP alteration is highly variable and depends primarily on three factors:
• The source water and its natural mineral content. This is widely variable
• The voltage applied to the water during electrolysis
• The flow rate through the ionizer’s water cell

These variables have a dramatic effect on pH and ORP.
An ionizer works primarily on the mineral content in the water. It is the dissolved mineral content (referred to as TDS) which creates the pathway for the “ionization” (electrolysis) to occur. Water without mineral content or TDS, like reverse osmosis or distilled water, will not conduct the current and therefore can not be “ionized”. This first variable is the most crucial to performance. Tap waters vary widely in the dissolved mineral content. The higher the mineral content (“harder” water) the higher the levels of pH and ORP alteration an ionizer can achieve; the lower the mineral content (“softer water”) the lower levels of pH and ORP alteration. The importance of this variable can not be emphasized enough.

The heart of an ionizer is the water cell which contains the electrodes. The electrodes deliver the current and create the “ionization”. We control the voltage conducted through the electrodes and then to the water by selecting the different “Alkaline” settings on an ionizer. The higher the Alkaline setting (or voltage), the more alteration you will achieve in pH and ORP. Effective conductivity is the primary determinant – not electrode size – of effective delivery of the current or voltage into the water needed to create electrolysis. Do not be fooled by the claim some manufacturers make that larger electrodes will necessarily deliver better performance. Generally the larger electrodes have poorer conductivity – so they have to be larger.

The flow rate through the machine determines how long the water is actually in contact with the electrodes receiving the voltage and the effects of electrolysis. If your flow is fast (say you could fill a quart or liter in 15 seconds) then the water is not processing very long and not receiving much alteration. Conversely, with a slow the flow rate (say the same quart or liter took 60 seconds) the water is in the chamber in contact with the electrodes longer and will receive more alteration. You can always achieve higher pH and ORP readings with reduced flow rates. So controlling the flow is an important variable in performance.

On most ionizers you can only adjust the flow rate by using your faucet or tap. If your faucet is all the way “on” the water will process very fast through the machine. If your faucet is just barely “on” this reduces the flow and the water will process for much longer. With a fast flow rate you may only achieve slight alteration in pH and ORP, slow it down and you will get higher pH and better ORP. Simply put, speed it up, you get a less alteration; slow it down and you’ll get more.

To illustrate this whole principle lets look at two very different tap waters and their effect on performance. Remember the crucial variable is the dissolved mineral content or TDS (total dissolved solids) which is measured in parts per million. This creates the pathway for the ionization to occur. In Carlsbad, California the tap water tests at 385 – 501ppm of total dissolved solids. The tap water in Seattle, Washington tests at approximately 40 – 80ppm. You could test water from an ionizer in Carlsbad at a given setting and flow rate and you would get a certain result. You could test the exact same ionizer in Seattle without altering the setting or flow rate and you would get dramatically different results. Is it the ionizer? No. It is the water as the main variable in performance. There is much less “pathway” in Seattle’s water. To further illustrate variability, you could alter the voltage or flow rates through the ionizer in either Carlsbad or Seattle and you would get different results again.

Comparing ORP
Comparing ORP is a tricky business. Stating absolute values is impossible. Anyone who really knows and understands ionizers/ORP would agree. Anyone who states absolutes in performance proves their ignorance of the science behind it. Further, pH and ORP are not related. In other words you can measure ORP in two pH9 waters and get two very different readings.

Another factor to consider when comparing ORP is the level of pH you will drink. Water with a pH over about pH10 does not taste good to most people. Japanese research indicates that the ideal range for drinking alkaline water is between pH8.5 and pH9.5. Given this, ORP should be tested at these levels one would typically drink. Therefore, the only salient way to compare ORP in ionizers is side-by-side, with the same source water and each machine set to achieve the same drinkable level of pH. If you drink pH9 then the ORP you get at pH9 is the effective ORP in the ionizer. Not some “absolute” or even extraordinarily high ORP. Such side-by-side comparison tests have been performed by an EPA certified technician in an EPA certified laboratory, and the results are in: AlkaViva Athena rated #1 in quality and performance.

So understanding performance is like understanding a dance between the three variables. Understanding this dance is crucial to making an informed decision when purchasing an ionizer, and also in getting the most out of your ionizer’s performance.

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