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Welcome to the Organic Food Supply Company’s antioxidant water page. This is the only water we will ever drink. This water is different! We highly recommend Kangen water because its powerful water and the units last an average of 15-20 years unlike any others.

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“Human health is not complete without correct water.” This is a statement we have come to believe over the last 12 years of extensive research and direct experience. Unfortunately, most water we drink, even the “healthy” ones you pay a lot of money for, are still low absorption and therefore dehydrating and actually oxidizing in the body. As cancer coaches, we don’t need more of that!

Get the Kangen SD-501 pictured above for your home as little as 0 down and $44/month. Ask us how! Call or email for more information on how you can transform yours and your families health now. Call 800-310-4153, leave a message, and someone will get back to you shortly. Or email In Good Health! Aaron Dodson, P. E.     

It may all look the same, but water is as different as day and night. Correct water is super hydrating with fresh, non-reactive oxygen, detoxifying and loaded with antioxidants including molecular hydrogen H2, hydroxyl ion OH- that produces non-reactive oxygen and super absorbs into the cellular like nothing else can. Does this sound like an ad for a nutritional supplement? No, it’s just water, but not just any water. It is also know as “electrolyzed reduced hydrogen water” ERHW or “Kangen” water.

In fact, since you are a 100 trillion cell, 70% water body aquarium, we assign a 70% importance factor to the water you drink and only 30% important everything else you do to maintain your good health (or bad health). So, if you are drinking the wrong water, it’s serious.

Water must be “as found” in nature; an antioxidant solution, not an oxidizing solution as it has become and even sold in the most expensive forms. Correct water cannot sit in a container for more than a couple days without losing its valuable antioxidant, super hydrating and detoxifying properties. Through our extensive research and experience, we have come to believe that the Kangen water systems re-create this antioxidant water with enhanced benefits for helping chronic ailments more that any other water on the market.

Most people today are living with a colon that is more like the one on the left below and certainly not like the one on the right (see photo below). They are cancer just waiting to happen. Are you? Our mission is to pass on to you what we know to help prevent and help correct all areas of the cellular body where chronic disease and ailments begin. This is done through proper hydration, detoxification, oxygenation and “nutrification” using alkalizing whole food, whole food supplements and correct water. We believe the water is key and can perform most of the functions mentioned above alone. But it must be in correct form.

We want to help you and those around you achieve and maintain what we all call permanent health. Please read more about these advanced therapeutic water units that are licensed medical devices in Japan, below.

Red blood cells before Kangen water (right) and after (left). Which would you rather have?

Kangen Enagic continuous ionized electrolysis generator units have been the standard of excellence in the industry for over 40 years. We finally decided to join our long time friends who have been helping people for years by simply giving out Kangen water. So we finally decided to become dealers, and expanded our offering to provide these fine water systems to you, our valued customers, as we have come to believe after years of extensive research, the Kangen units are a level above the others as you will see below.

Kangen water units provide delicious and healthy water with the strongest charged water on both sides of the pH spectrum in the industry. They perform from 11 pH (strong alkaline) to 2.5 pH (strong acid) and are approved medical devices that have been used in Japanese hospitals for over 40 years. No wonder Japan is the #1 health care system in the world. So whether you are drinking the 9.5 water for internal health, helping to maintain a perfectly tight facial complexion with the light acid water, or cleaning and sanitizing your home 100% toxicity free with strong acid water, these units are the ultimate in correct water for the human body and more!

Here are before and after photos of a cancerous colon being cleansed using 9.5 pH Kangen water and diet only, performed by world famous Japanese Dr. Hiromi Shinya, pioneer of the colonoscopy:

why-kangen-waterWhether you are an individual or health professional, purchasing a Kangen unit is simple on the website below or if you are interested in special financing please contact us by completing the best financing information on the website in the upper right corner of the home page. Personal consultation is also available at 800-310-4153 by leaving a detailed message and someone will get back asap.

If you happen to live in the area around Orange County, CA, you can also come by and get a gallon of the water to try anytime and we can talk more about you. Or just call or email us anytime. We would love to hear from you.

So, if you are serious about helping to restore and or maintaining yours and maybe your family’s health, or if you are a health professional looking to improve your practice for your patients, please contact us and take advantage of our great offer.

There is also a referral rewards program for health professional and individuals where you can profit when you refer others. To see more or buy now go to our dealer site (best viewing on computer, flash presentations and product view may not work on some smart phones)* and click on the product tab to see all the units. We recommend the new Kangen K8 unit which is what we have (see more below).

The antioxidants (OH-) not only helps neutralize free radicals that cause cancer and all degenerative disease including aging, but it also balances your cellular pH to enhance work outs and block the buildup of lactic acid that causes muscle fatigue and keeps athletes from winning. It also aids in muscle recovery and prevents post work out aches and pains. It’s sort of like drinking an insurance policy and especially when adding our Organic Active Greens super food formula daily, it protects you!

For most, the water and the super food formula, taken daily, is really all that is needed along with certain elimination of overly acid intake, to help restore and maintain your permanent health (contact us for free eBooks which includes an alkaline and acid food and beverage chart and the Cancer Cleanse Diet). Add an Organic Food Bar to replace one meal per day, and you have the ultimate in healthy weight loss!

a kangen 8 2015

For health professionals and those interested in getting more involved with the referral program, please go to and take the tour (best viewing on computer, flash presentations and product view may not work on some smart phones). We chose the new K8 with 11.0 to 2.5 pH range for enhanced therapeutic capability. We love it and highly recommend it to help especially for those with chronic disease and ailments including cancer, and for use by health care professionals. No other water ionizer we have seen, has the long term certifications, credentials and capability of the Kangen water units.

There is a great EZ pay plan with no down and payments under $50/month that can also be tax deductible as an individual distributor, health or business professional (please consult your tax accountant for more information).

We invite you to join us doing what we love most; helping people to achieve and maintain permanent health!

God bless,


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