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Personal Hydration

AltaViva Elita CT-700 Water Ionizer Countertop Unit

Personal hydration has never been so healthy and affordable

Now you can get alkaline water (pH 7.5-8) at your tap. The new non-electric CT-700 Countertop unit is only $299 and creates pure and delicious alkaline water.

When it comes to water here’s all you need to know:

  1. Is it free of toxins? the UltraWater technology removes 99.9% of all toxicity in tap water (with minerals left in). This alone is worth the modest price and convenience of the unit. NOTE: Beware of purified water were minerals have been removed. It may be pure, but it’s highly acidic with no minerals at this point.
  2. Is your water “alkaline” as found in nature? If not you may be drinking a very acidic solution even if you’re paying $8 a gallon for that designer or bubbly water in your health food store.

So stop breaking your back lugging water around. Get the simple solution to The healthiest water on the planet and pay as little as 29 cents per gallon* and best of all it’s travel friendly. You can pack it away in your suitcase and go!

Buy the new CT-700 now click on the “Alkaline Water” tab and take up to 6 months to pay with no interest through PayPal!

Also click on the “Kangen Water” tab to see the ultimate in delicious water that can be a powerful alkaline and ionized, antioxidant solution with enhanced cellular hydration, detoxification, and oxygenation for the ultimate in human health! These units are a little more expensive but we call it a cheap life ASSURANCE policy for you and your whole family. Also check out the Enagic Kangen referral rewards program at and watch the videos!

*$299 initial cost of unit plus 700 gallon rated filter + $110 for one 700 gallon filter replacement


Cost per gallon decreases to $0.16 over time.

Cost per gallon considering filter only $110/700=$0.16

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