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Root Cause of Human Health – Human Healthy Update

We are emerging after 15 years of training, research and following the “experts” in the field of human health. Well some are experts but unfortunately very few paid attention to greats like Otto Warburg, 1932 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Maxwell Gerson (and his wonderful daughter Charlotte of the world renowned Gerson Clinics), Dr. Robert Young, the pH Miracle, Dr. Johanna Budwig, and many other real doctors who have discovered “the root cause of human health.”

We are not doctors, but we have become experts in dietary health with research and direct experience, especially pertaining to cancers and other chronic disease and ailments. However, as we are required to say; if you are currently under a doctor’s care or have a heath issue, please see a health professional for your immediate needs.*

We at pH Salvation/Organic Food Supply, with the help of dedicated and non compromising formulators and manufacturers like Organic Food Bar Inc and a very few others, have taken the “root cause of human health” to an extreme by reducing it to very simple diet that tracks with cellular pH and a very few other supplements and daily activities. The secret to permanent health is simple daily avoidance, correct intake, and a few other activities. But the real key to permanent health as most of us who have been practicing for years is to maintain proper pH balance with simple (organic) food and (pH ionized) water intake.

Don’t worry you can still cheat and enjoy up to 25% acid forming food and still be protected (subscribe and get the pH food and beverage chart).

The simple protocol is a daily pH test and control via a simple food and water diet and some other daily activities that will help you toward permanent health. I personally have not missed a day in 12 years except for maybe a day of symptoms that quickly went away when I broke the glass and opened the fire extinguisher on those weak little anaerobic critters that cause most of our human health problems.

The first step in achieving permanent health is to check your urine pH. (Attention Doctors of all kinds; a balancing your patient’s cellular pH with simple diet will do more to help your patients than any other single treatment you could possibly do. The only problem you will face is losing that patient! Sorry, none of us can make much money doing this and that is the reason the medical industry in general tends to ignore this type of simple protocol which really isn’t a protocol at all.

We will sell pH test kits online when the store launches but in the mean time please buy them at your health food store. Then use the pH chart that you received when you subscribed to balance out your pH as needed (if you did not get one, please check your junk mail, or let us know and we will resend it).

You will want to reduce sugar, dairy, cooking and other aggravators of cancer and chronic disease and ailments as these things are always acid forming and work against the solution. For example, sugar, dairy and even too much protein act as “gasoline on the cancer fire.” But again don’t worry, you don’t have to give up all your favorite acid foods and drinks! Just limit them to not more than 20% of your daily intake and bee sure to intake adequate amounts of quality alkalizing organic food and proper water daily.

Future healthy updates will give more simple and fun ideas on how you can achieve permanent health while protecting your body from the worse nightmare diagnosis a doctor can give you.

If you currently use the Organic Food Bar “Active Greens” or “Protein,” or want to take our word for it being one of the healthiest organic and raw pieces of food in a wrapper on the planet, here are more details:

The bars are 300-330 calories each (try as a crumb free breakfast or lunch) with alkalizing for pH balance organic green food (OFB Active Greens 68 gram bar is suggested for breakfast), and 22 grams of organic whole food protein (OFB Protein 75 gram bar is suggested for lunch). We think they are delicious and are best sellers at places like Whole Foods Markets nationwide.

Here are the radical prices that we were talking about that will be available online soon: $1.99 per bar for OFB Active Greens or Protein ($2.99 normal retail) delivered to 48 States, 4 box minimum order (order any combination of the 2 bars, less than 4 boxes incur shipping cost, call for more detail 800-310-4153).

The bars have a one year shelf life and are nitrogen purged for extended freshness. We suggest keeping a couple to several boxes for an emergency food supply and monthly automatic orders can be sat up so you can maintain your survival supply fresh and rotated, based on your family size.

If you replace one meal per day with either bar, you will see good results almost immediately in the area of weight control, digestion, overall energy and pH balance.

Please call us and leave a voice message at the toll free number below and someone will get back to answer any questions you may have or take your order. And please pass this on to anyone you think may benefit.

Please contact us anytime as needed!
pH and the OFSC Staff

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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